I am all about sharing my passion for decorating and maybe a good DEAL here and there.  So let me be your stylist. Hi, I am Jen!  I have been in business for 10 years serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. I started The Painted Mill back in 2013 because I wanted to help contribute to my family.  We had young kids and I needed flexibility.  The Painted Mill and its amazing creative Marketers have evolved over the years.  My current style is Farmhouse boho with a twist of plant lady. I like the simplicity of neutral colors.  The only color you will find on repeat with my neutral color pallet is GREEN.  That is where the crazy plant lady comes into play. I love having house plants to purify my home, add moisture into the air and the color looks amazing! YES....I am a wee bit crazy!  

If you enjoy shopping in person you might enjoy shopping our Online Store.  Here you will find products from around the world that I have personally curated.  Products Online are only available online!  You will not find these products at our monthly market. If you would like to purchase products from our Monthly Market visit Marketers Shops.  We offer FREE SHIPPING on all online products, products may take up to 21 days.  All Items purchased through Marketers Shops are PICKUP ONLY.

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